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Mission Statement

The Liberty Fund is a purpose driven donation service company. We provide services for two main customers: the homeless and the donating patron.

For the homeless, our services will help to provide a savings account which can only be spent on housing. For the donating patron, we provide a means by which you can see where your donations are going, and how they are being used.

Our Mission

Donation Metrics for Each Donee

  • 75% Goes to the homeless’s Savings Account

  • 25% Goes to Overhead

  • 100% Electronic Donations

  • Have confidence the donation will not be spent on alcohol or drugs.

  • Have confidence money will be spent on housing expenses.

  • charitywatch.org – “Top Rated Charities spend no more than 25% on overhead.”

  • Receive yearly statements on our operating costs.

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How does it work?

The Most Transparent Donation Service .