Robert Boettcher

Robert Boettcher


The Liberty Fund Program

Wow! Thanks for wanting to help this person in need! You are making a difference! Select a contribution amount of $10, $20, $50, or $100 in the box below. Read more about this individual in the below description. Then submit your contribution! If you are speaking with the individual in person, smile and let them know you care!

*Your contribution is NOT taxed deductible but does help the individual pay for housing. 

Preferred Name:   Robert
Cell Phone Number: 314-255-3069
Location: Saint Louis
Age: 57
Homeless History:  11 Years
Longest time homeless: 11 Years
Does the client currently work? Currently helps fix-up houses. Does electrical wiring, painting, plastering, yard work, planting, window installs,
Previous Job: Guaranteed Computer Technologies- Help service computers
Job Wish: Professional Photographer, Electronics Technician, Willing to do manual labor and odd jobs. Robert has a comprehensive resume on file. Email him for a copy.
Education: High school Diploma, Associates degree in electronics
Medical Needs: None
Disability?  Deaf
Current Income: $0
Social Network: Has a case worker from BJC.
Current Issue: No Job
#1 Want: Job and a home
Favorite Topic: History Buff
Favorite Food: Will eat anything.
Favorite Drink: Dr. Pepper
Favorite Activity: Ride and build bicycles; Plays and teaches chess
What Brings Happiness? : Enjoys seeing other people who are happy and making them happy.
Personal Slogan: Be Happy

The above information was provided freely by the client. This profile is an act of reaching out for help. Their signed acknowledgment and acceptance of the program are on file. To reach out to the person in need, please email or contact the individual. Please state your intention, such as a job, housing, clothing, food, or any other service.

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