Start-Up Venture Prequel

Ever wonder what it is like to start a company? There are a million things to consider. How do you know where to start? What products should you invest in? Do you start a marketing campaign? Should you hire a lawyer? Do you build a website? Should you start an LLC or non-profit? Should you spend thousands of dollars and hours getting a patent? Do you blindly move forward with unknown success? Could you be a complete failure or a successful giant? Do you risk your current job and relationships? These are the questions that every entrepreneur asks themselves.

Why do entrepreneurs exist? For me the answer is freedom–to be able to freely explore new worlds, meet new people, and pursue what you want. Entrepreneurship breeds creativity, passion, and determination. Freedom captivates and propels the entrepreneur.

My entrepreneurship journey starts here and now.

This is the prequel to the next series of blogposts where you can follow the journey of a green entrepreneur.

Follow along to get a taste of a start-up. I will be real and transparent. And hopefully I can give you some insight.

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